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Decorate Your 
With Plants!

About us

CMS is a leading national merchandising company that specializes in merchandising live goods/plants. Our team is able to create clean, attractive and desirable displays by using visual merchandising techniques.

Our Locations
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CMS services retail stores and garden centers across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Our Services

Complete Merchandising Solutions Inc. offers a variety of services to our vendors:

Visual Merchandising

Inventory control


Price Shop Comparison Reports


Product Care & Maintenance

Promotional Displays

Product Education

Trend Analysis

Job Positions
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"I consider this one of my dream jobs. I get to play with plants and help people plan their gardens." - Belleville ON

Plant Care

"My position at CMS has been very rewarding, and I look forward to my shifts everyday. Management and HR are both very communicative and have offered me lots of feedback on how I'm doing with my role" - East York, ON

Employee Review's

"One of the best work experiences ever. They offer above minimum wage. Super flexible and easy going, mostly independent. Great as a part time job." - Etobicoke, ON

Employee Review's

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